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Compassionate professionals dedicated to empathy, equity, and excellence. 

The Board of Directors for Pendleton Place provides governance, oversight, and guidance through the development and implementation of our strategic plan. 


Our current strategic plan spans July 2021 through June 2024 and includes six primary goals that guide our growth and impact.

Our dedicated team members care for our clients while carrying out the strategic plan. 


Board of Directors

The Pendleton Place Board of Directors lend their passion and professional guidance to everything we do. We are thankful for their service! 

Join the Board

If you would like to contribute to Pendleton Place as a Board Member, please complete the application and send to our Board leadership at


Team Members

Finance + Admin

Kris Davenport

Financial Operations Manager

Amy Hartman

Executive Projects Administrator

Sammy Pickelsimer

Office + Operations Manager


Family Resource Center

Amanda Bell, LISW-CP

Clinical Social Worker

Kelly Howard, LISW-CP

Kinship Care Support Group Facilitator

Kimberly McNeil, LMSW

Group Clinician

Lama Abunijem

Kinship Care Navigator


Family Resource Specialist

Lara Fernicola

Family Support Specialist

Residential Youth Services   

Emergency Youth Shelter

Erin Cato, LMSW

Program Manager

Melinda Davis

Program Support Supervisor

Kathryn Shoemaker

Program Specialist

Youth Care Specialists

Smith House 

Kat Carrig

Program Manager

Alneisha Carter

Program Support Supervisor

Hannah Torris

Program Specialist

Youth Mentors


Heidi Anderson

Philanthropy Coordinator - Grants

Jami Repp, MPA

Philanthropy Coordinator - Giving Partnerships

Mary Latrick, JD

Strategic Projects Coordinator


Community Engagement

Holly Papstein

Community Engagement Manager

Monica Cole

Community Engagement Coordinator

Caroline Singleton

Community Engagement Coordinator

Residential Youth Services
(Supporting Smith House & Emergency Youth Shelter)

Keeley Farmer

Residential Youth Programs Administrator

Candace Barksdale

Residential Programs Support Specialist

Community Youth Services

Jimmy Ngo

Interim Program Manager (Youth Housing)


Jesika Davis

Youth Housing Coordinator (RRH)

Caitlyn Horton, MCEM

Program Specialist (TLP) 


Youth Housing Coordinator (YT)


Program Specialist  (YRC)

Massiel Steadman, MS

Interim Program Manager (TLP)

Jill Wilkey, BSW

Interim Program Manager (YRC)

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