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The Village

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Monthly Giving Community

Become a Villager

We all know it "takes a village" to get through the uncertainties of life, but the unfortunate reality is that so many of the children, youth, and families we serve don't have a village to support them... and that's where Pendleton Place steps in. We do everything in our power to provide services and programs that meet the needs of those in our community who do not already have the support of a village behind them, but we can't do it alone.

So we are launching a new initiative to ask you, our community, to make a commitment and officially join The Village. We have every confidence that the support of this new group of dedicated change-makers can help sustain the significant and rewarding work we do at Pendleton Place. When you join our village by investing in our organization on a recurring basis, your support helps us ensure that youth and families have a stable home and a bright future - a village of their own!

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Benefits of Joining
The Village

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Annual "Villagers" 
Social Gathering

All Villagers will receive an invitation to the exclusive annual gathering for Pendleton Place's sustaining contributors!

Ticket to the
Seventies Soiree

Villagers at the $41.67 monthly giving level are eligible to receive a free ticket to Pendleton Place's annual benefit.


For Villagers who give at the level of $83.33 or more per month, this will be an upgraded VIP ticket.

Admission to
The 1975 Society

Our Villagers who contribute $164.58 or more each month will be eligible and invited to events for The 1975 Society - supporters who have invested  $1,975 or more in Pendleton Place over a year.

Measure Your Impact


Pendleton Place was founded in the year 1975! A monthly gift at this level amounts to $237 per year.


This level of monthly giving is equal to $1,000 each year. 


Giving at this level each month amounts to $500 per year.


Monthly giving in this amount totals to $1,975 per year.

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