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1114 Pendleton Street

It takes a village.

Family Resource Center 
new kind of village.

It takes a village to raise a child.

And for nearly half a century, Pendleton Place has served as part of a village for thousands of children in foster care. 


As we embark on our next half century of impact, we look to you to be a foundational and transformative partner in our work. In addition to carrying out our legacy programs that include our group home for teens in foster care (Smith House), and our resources and shelter for youth experiencing homelessness, we will be launching the first comprehensive child-welfare Family Resource Center (FRC) in Greenville County in 2023.


FRCs are a national model of family strengthening and prevention-based services co-located in a central hub.  The FRC model “brings together services and activities that educate, develop skills” and “increases the capacity of families to be healthy, involved members of dynamic communities,” and we look forward to adding the first FRC in Greenville County to our array of programs. In July 2022, we closed on a residence at 1114 Pendleton Street, directly across from our campus, which will serve as the new home for our FRC.  We will relocate our current family strengthening services to 1114 Pendleton Street, while augmenting our prevention programs through internal programs and external embedded partners to provide parenting classes, family mediation, kinship caregiver support, counseling, case management and navigation, and other preventive services identified with the community.


Our FRC will serve as a neighborhood anchor for help and hope. Our FRC will be in the Village of West Greenville, and part of the village that helps raise children and support families.


With your investment, we will not only be able to sustain our critical services for children, youth, and families affected by foster care, homeless, poverty, and trauma, we will continue our journey toward ending child maltreatment in the Upstate of South Carolina.

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